2021 Artist Index

Locate your favorite artists here! Search this list of our 2021 artists by name, booth number or media. You can access a Fair Map here, or on banners throughout the fair.

1 Hanley, Lijah Photography Menomonee
2 Hanley, Gabby Photography Menomonee
3 Amit, Amos Fiber Menomonee
4 Sparenga, Sebastian Photography Menomonee
6 Gates, Mark Painting Menomonee
7 Craig, Sally Jewelry Menomonee
8 Stang, Sam Glass Menomonee
9 Marshall, Amber Glass Menomonee
10 Strain, Charles Sculpture Menomonee
11 Garcia, Rosario Jewelry Menomonee
11 Garcia, Enrique Jewelry Menomonee
12 Acosta, Cheryl Jewelry Menomonee
13 Cook, Vince Wood Menomonee
14 Manning, Trent 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
15 Condon, Jeff Drawing/Pastel Menomonee
16 D'Alfonso, Rey Painting Menomonee
17 Pereira de Almeida, Andrea Painting Menomonee
18 Dominiak, Melissa Painting Menomonee
19 Graci, Joseph Wood Menomonee
20 Weller, Felton Painting Menomonee
21 Ejtel, Angelika Photography Menomonee
22 Schmidt, Melissa Jewelry Menomonee
23 Henley, Jenny 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
24 Jones, Steve 3D Mixed Media North Park
25 Dobbs, Loura Sculpture North Park
25 Dobbs, Gregg Sculpture North Park
26 Davis, Greg Photography North Park
27 Gower, Jill Baker Jewelry North Park
28 Jingst, Shayna Jewelry North Park
29 Lowery, Rebecca Sculpture North Park
30 Sullivan, Esther Jewelry North Park
31 Kramp, Brendan Painting North Park
32 Rathonyi, Agnes 2D Mixed Media North Park
33 Disney, Roger Painting North Park
35 Nielsen, Jay Jewelry North Park
37 Sedlak-Ford, Lyn Painting North Park
38 Anderson, Joel Photography Menomonee
39 Welborn, Jon Wood Menomonee
40 Reynolds, Mark & Carol 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
41 Sault, Aaron Jewelry Menomonee
42 Stelter, Nicholas Glass Menomonee
43 Ferrer, Roberto Wood Menomonee
44 Taeoalii, Tai Drawing/Pastel Menomonee
45 Evans, MItch Wood Menomonee
46 Nyanhongo, Gedion Sculpture Menomonee
47 Bauser, Jennifer Jewelry Menomonee
48 Woods, Glenn Ceramics Menomonee
49 Hofacker, Ila Catherine 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
50 Naylor, Rodgers Painting Menomonee
51 Epps, David Photography Menomonee
52 Carlson, Seth Jewelry Menomonee
53 Harmston, Stephen & Bonnie Printmaking Lincoln Park West
54 Mikula, Michael Glass Lincoln Park West
55 Collier, Sarah 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
56 Uren, Steve Wood Lincoln Park West
57 Tesser, Sharon Fiber Lincoln Park West
58 Ellis, Janina Painting Lincoln Park West
59 Mullarkey, Sunny Printmaking Lincoln Park West
60 Eaton, Kathleen Painting Lincoln Park West
61 Lemyre, Jim & Lynn Painting Lincoln Park West
62 Adkins, Glenna 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
64 Lawson, Andrew Printmaking Lincoln Park West
65 Bergeron, David Wood Lincoln Park West
66 Ledoux, Michele 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
67 Proctor, Luke Metal Lincoln Park West
68 Lippman-Bruno, Jennifer Jewelry Lincoln Park West
69 Mihaylova, Olga Jewelry Lincoln Park West
70 Meyers, Chuck Painting Lincoln Park West
71 Abrams, Meyer 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
72 Mason, Melissa Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
73 Ownbey, Tiffany 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
73 Ownbey, Tiffany 3D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
74 Abbott, Su Painting Lincoln Park West
75 Bernasconi, Linda Jewelry Lincoln Park West
76 Prohaska, Nolan Glass Lincoln Park West
77 Bryant, Michael Painting Lincoln Park West
78 Pavalonis, Jason Photography Lincoln Park West
79 Tardy, Lewis Sculpture Lincoln Park West
80 Alea, Pavlina Painting Lincoln Park West
81 Matos Linares, Oscar Photography Lincoln Park West
82 Cianciolo, Ann Marie Jewelry Lincoln Park West
83 Arden, Thyla Painting Lincoln Park West
84 Flynn, Annie Painting Lincoln Park West
85 Schwegmann, Michael Ceramics Lincoln Park West
86 Sharp, Jason Wood Lincoln Park West
87 Gordon, Nyle Painting Lincoln Park West
88 Coleman, Sebastian Glass Lincoln Park West
89 Widmer, Don Fiber Lincoln Park West
90 Cole, Micheal Paul Photography Lincoln Park West
91 Peterson, Mike Painting Lincoln Park West
92 Blackwell, John Painting Lincoln Park West
94 Keaten-Reed, Russ Painting Lincoln Park West
94 Keaten-Reed, Julie Painting Lincoln Park West
95 Wommack, R. Michael Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
96 Stoddart, Jason Photography Lincoln Park West
97 Norman, Kerri Jewelry Lincoln Park West
98 Harris, Geoffrey Digital Art Lincoln Park West
99 VanScoy, Taman Painting Lincoln Park West
100 Kite, Frances Jewelry Lincoln Park West
101 Gotlib, Helen 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
102 Loudermilk, Rick 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
103 Hatala, Matthew Wood Lincoln Park West
104 Dallison, David Painting Lincoln Park West
105 Olson, Darren Photography Orleans
106 Clark, Megan Jewelry Orleans
107 Caldwell, Ben Metal Orleans
108 Brown, Michael Printmaking Orleans
109 Bjurstrom, David Drawing/Pastel Orleans
110 Coffey, Chris Photography Orleans
111 Suidan, Kaiser Ceramics Orleans
112 Covington, Daphne Painting Orleans
113 Risk, Melinda Jewelry Orleans
114 Armstrong, Deborah Jewelry Orleans
115 Skov, Toby Photography Orleans
116 Mazer, Taylor 2D Mixed Media Orleans
117 Antelman, Alison Jewelry Orleans
118 Best, Betsy Printmaking Orleans
119 Kallaway-Young, Allison Jewelry Orleans
120 Eidolon, L.J. Digital Art Orleans
121 Ryan, Carol Painting Orleans
122 Tesla, Cat Painting Orleans
123 Siegel, Ezra 2D Mixed Media Orleans
124 Sots, Natalya Ceramics Orleans
125 Elnora, Susan Jewelry Orleans
126 Armstrong, William 2D Mixed Media Orleans
127 Grushovenko, Signe Painting Orleans
127 Grushovenko, Genna Painting Orleans
128 Whitbeck, James Painting Orleans
129 Wang, Li Painting Orleans
130 Yuan, David Painting Orleans
131 Mayhew, Mays 2D Mixed Media Orleans
132 Chapman, Timm Photography Orleans
133 Bradley, Joseph 2D Mixed Media Orleans
134 Myers, Rebecca Jewelry Orleans
135 Winter, Mark Sculpture Orleans
136 Bojarski, Beth Painting Orleans
137 Bartelt, Bill Painting Orleans
138 Terauds, Marina Printmaking Orleans
139 Sudduth, Mark Glass Orleans
140 Miller, Ernest Ceramics Orleans
141 Bolhuis, Kristine Jewelry Orleans
142 Antor, Peter Jewelry Orleans
143 Mullen, Micah Painting Orleans
144 Outcalt, Amanda 2D Mixed Media Orleans
145 Rasmussen, Jay Photography Orleans
146 Kwamena-Poh, William Painting Orleans
147 Zirinsky, Mark Metal Orleans
148 Markiewicz, Gail Ceramics Orleans
149 Frank, Steve Wood Orleans
150 Villers, Virgil Sculpture Orleans
151 Lewanski, Mark Glass Orleans
152 Fiebiger, Kimber Sculpture Orleans
153 Echtner, Christine 2D Mixed Media Orleans
154 Menaker, Igor Photography Orleans
155 Seymour, Julie Jewelry Orleans
156 Crow, Kina 3D Mixed Media Orleans
157 Fox, Pam Jewelry Orleans
158 Schmid, Suzanne Jewelry Orleans
159 Yulfo, Nestor 2D Mixed Media Orleans
160 Dennison, JD Photography Orleans
161 Rutledge, Jonathan Jewelry Orleans
162 Welti, Jeff Jewelry Orleans
162 Welti, Angela Jewelry Orleans
163 Dahlquist, Chris 2D Mixed Media Orleans
163 Dahlquist, Chris Photography Orleans
164 Henri, Clifton Photography Wisconsin
165 Griffith, Jeremy Glass Wisconsin
165 Griffith, Chelsea Glass Wisconsin
166 Grace, Keith 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
167 Fox, Todd K Sculpture Wisconsin
168 Kirouac, Tanya 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
168 Kirouac, Tanya Painting Wisconsin
169 Pribyl, Ed Sculpture Wisconsin
170 Gard, Michael Sculpture Wisconsin
171 Olszewski, Steven Sculpture Wisconsin
172 Burge, Lisa Painting Wisconsin
173 Eitharong, Ummarid Painting Wisconsin
174 Lewis, Glenn Photography Wisconsin
175 Hersch, Mark Photography Wisconsin
176 Abrams, Rick 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
177 Zovar, Ray 3D Mixed Media Wisconsin
178 Gilbertsen, David 3D Mixed Media Wisconsin
179 Gillespie, Sean Sculpture Wisconsin
180 Gilmore, Rob Photography Wisconsin
181 Katz, Ronna Printmaking Wisconsin
182 Kittleson, Robin Glass Wisconsin
183 Lewis, Linda Ceramics Wisconsin
185 Davis, Ruth Odile Painting Wisconsin
186 Goyatton, Yves Sculpture Wisconsin
187 Gug, Chris Photography Wisconsin
188 Hasmut, Ali Painting Wisconsin
189 Fletcher, Andy Painting Wisconsin
190 Musolff, Katie Painting Wisconsin
191 Ritcher, Cameron 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
192 Raml, Patti Jewelry Wisconsin
193 Harrold, Kate Digital Art Wisconsin
194 Brueck, Jason Digital Art Wisconsin
195 Scanlan, John Photography Wisconsin
196 Palios, Christos Photography Wisconsin
197 Kraig, Jack Photography Wisconsin
198 Merrill, Josh Photography Wisconsin
199 Reynolds, Scott Photography Wisconsin
200 Jimenez, Nicario 3D Mixed Media Wisconsin
201 Johnson, Devin Jewelry Wisconsin
202 Mayhew, David Photography Wisconsin
AL Cooper, Justin Photography Lincoln Park West
AL Nutley, Genevieve Painting Lincoln Park West