2022 Artist Index

Locate your favorite artists here! Search this list of our 2022 artists by name, booth number or media. You can access a Fair Map here, or on banners throughout the fair.

105 Abbott, Su Painting Lincoln Park West
115 Abrams, Meyer 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
208 Abrams, Rick 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
465 Acosta, Cheryl Jewelry Menomonee
449 Adamiak, Rachael Jewelry Menomonee
137 Adkins, Glenna 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
483 Amit, Amos Fiber Menomonee
433 Anderson, Joel Photography Menomonee
535 Antelman, Alison Jewelry Orleans
562 Arkell, Andrew Painting Orleans
502 Armstrong, Deborah Jewelry Orleans
513 Armstrong, William 2D Mixed Media Orleans
237 Bank, Carla Painting Wisconsin
136 Barnes, James Wood Lincoln Park West
517 Bathelot, Alain Drawing/Pastel Orleans
411 Bauser, Jennifer Jewelry Menomonee
463 Bergeron, David Wood Menomonee
533 Best, Betsy Printmaking Orleans
543 Blackwell, John 2D Mixed Media Orleans
520 Blanchard, Deana Sculpture Orleans
504 Bojarski, Beth Painting Orleans
518 Bolhuis, Kristine Jewelry Orleans
561 Bradley, Joseph Painting Orleans
131 Brown, Jim 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
242 Brueck, Jason Digital Art Wisconsin
132 Bryant, Michael Photography Lincoln Park West
566 Burge, Lisa 2D Mixed Media Orleans
565 Caldwell, Benjamin Metal Orleans
401 Carlson, Seth Jewelry Menomonee
423 Ceffalio, George Painting Menomonee
229 Chapman, Timm Photography Wisconsin
479 Christensen, Derek 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
108 Cianciolo, Ann Marie Jewelry Lincoln Park West
567 Clark, Megan Jewelry Orleans
557 Coffey, Chris Photography Orleans
124 Cole, Micheal Paul Photography Lincoln Park West
203 Coleman, Sebastian Glass Wisconsin
110 Connolly, Karin Photography Lincoln Park West
445 Cook, Vince Wood Menomonee
536 Cornejo, Fernando Painting Orleans
475 Craig, Sally Jewelry Menomonee
568 Dahlquist, Chris 2D Mixed Media Orleans
568 Dahlquist, Chris Photography Orleans
311 Dallas, Amy & Jeff Stone North Park
109 Davis, Ruth Odile Painting Lincoln Park West
306 Davis, Greg Photography North Park
477 Day, Kym Painting Menomonee
304 Dobbs, Loura & Gregg Sculpture North Park
453 Dominiak, Melissa Painting Menomonee
143 Eaton, Kathleen Painting Lincoln Park West
548 Echtner, Christine 2D Mixed Media Orleans
529 Eidolon, Lj Digital Art Orleans
205 Eitharong, Ummarid Painting Wisconsin
439 Ejtel, Angelika Photography Menomonee
515 Elnora, Susan Jewelry Orleans
207 Ennis, Skip Jewelry Wisconsin
403 Epps, David Photography Menomonee
417 Evans, Mitch 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
421 Ferrer, Roberto Wood Menomonee
546 Fiebiger, Kimber Sculpture Orleans
235 Figueroa, David Sculpture Wisconsin
545 Filapek, Mary 2D Mixed Media Orleans
554 Fisk, Mckenzie Painting Orleans
232 Fletcher, Andy Painting Wisconsin
112 Flynn, Annie Painting Lincoln Park West
531 Fox, Todd K Sculpture Orleans
556 Fox, Pam Jewelry Orleans
540 Frank, Steve Wood Orleans
312 Frick, Aileen 2D Mixed Media North Park
532 Friedman, Michele Jewelry Orleans
467 Garcia, Rosario & Enrique Jewelry Menomonee
214 Gillespie, Sean Sculpture Wisconsin
210 Glowacki, Jonathan Wood Wisconsin
527 Goldsmith, Cornelia Jewelry Orleans
118 Gordon, Nyle Painting Lincoln Park West
150 Gotlib, Helen Printmaking Lincoln Park West
323 Goyatton, Yves Sculpture North Park
501 Grace, Keith 2D Mixed Media Orleans
451 Graci, Joseph Wood Menomonee
538 Green, Jonah 2D Mixed Media Orleans
225 Griffith, Jeremy & Chelsea Glass Wisconsin
511 Grushovenko, Signe & Genna Painting Orleans
228 Gug, Chris Photography Wisconsin
485 Hanley, Gabby & Lijah Photography Menomonee
487 Hanley, Lijah Photography Menomonee
157 Harmston, Stephen & Bonnie Printmaking Lincoln Park West
321 Harris, Phillip Painting North Park
240 Harrold, Kate Digital Art Wisconsin
230 Hasmut, Ali Painting Wisconsin
239 Hayes, Michael Glass Wisconsin
441 Henley, Jenny 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
227 Henri, Clifton Photography Wisconsin
308 Herbon, John Ceramics North Park
409 Herbrand, Keith Ceramics Menomonee
212 Hersch, Mark Photography Wisconsin
156 Hilgendorff, Richard Photography Lincoln Park West
503 Hobgood, Cali Photography Orleans
507 Houchen, Jason 2D Mixed Media Orleans
505 Hughes, Katzie Jewelry Orleans
213 Husain, Abbas Printmaking Wisconsin
238 Jagitsch, Matt Drawing/Pastel Wisconsin
233 Jimenez, Nicario 3D Mixed Media Wisconsin
223 Jingst, Shayna Jewelry Wisconsin
457 Johansen, Jesper Photography Menomonee
231 Johnson, Devin Jewelry Wisconsin
534 Kennedy, Lucy Photography Orleans
221 Kidd, William Ceramics Wisconsin
128 Kim, Sooro Painting Lincoln Park West
219 Kirouac, Tanya Painting Wisconsin
148 Kite, Frances Jewelry Lincoln Park West
218 Kittleson, Robin Glass Wisconsin
241 Kraig, Jack Photography Wisconsin
318 Kramp, Brendan Painting North Park
106 Krause, Lynn Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
133 Kristine, Lisa Photography Lincoln Park West
560 Kunerth, Jesse Digital Art Orleans
528 Kwamena-Poh, William Painting Orleans
459 Lagrave, Dawn 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
135 Lawson, Andrew Printmaking Lincoln Park West
317 Leben, John Digital Art North Park
127 Ledoux, Michele 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
139 Lemyre, Jim & Lynn Painting Lincoln Park West
544 Lewanski, Mark Glass Orleans
220 Lewis, Linda Ceramics Wisconsin
152 Loudermilk, Rick Painting Lincoln Park West
526 Luyk, Emily Drawing/Pastel Orleans
134 Manaylo, Andrew 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
461 Manning, Trent 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
216 Marsh, Charlene Painting Wisconsin
113 Mason, Melissa Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
315 Matasick, Sandra Jewelry North Park
211 Mayhew, Mays Drawing/Pastel Wisconsin
435 Mayhew, David Photography Menomonee
537 Mazer, Taylor Drawing/Pastel Orleans
550 Menaker, Igor Photography Orleans
201 Merrill, Josh Photography Wisconsin
443 Metzger, Allison & Jonathan Printmaking Menomonee
147 Meyer, Balbina Sculpture Lincoln Park West
119 Meyers, Chuck Painting Lincoln Park West
207 Michlin, Joan Jewelry Wisconsin
121 Mihaylova, Olga Jewelry Lincoln Park West
155 Mikula, Michael Glass Lincoln Park West
319 Miller, Kirk Glass North Park
145 Mosedale, Andrew Digital Art Lincoln Park West
522 Mullen, Micah Painting Orleans
234 Musolff, Katie Painting Wisconsin
508 Myers, Rebecca Jewelry Orleans
405 Naylor, Rodgers Painting Menomonee
122 Norris, Lisa 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
151 North, Natalie & Kellie 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
141 Nunnelee, Jennifer Jewelry Lincoln Park West
413 Nyanhongo, Gedion Sculpture Menomonee
126 Nye, Thomas Glass Lincoln Park West
407 Olson, Scott 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
569 Olson, Darren Photography Orleans
209 Olszewski, Steven Sculpture Wisconsin
224 Ortman, William Glass Wisconsin
524 Outcalt, Amanda 2D Mixed Media Orleans
111 Ownbey, Tiffany 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
302 Palios, Christos Photography North Park
104 Patterson, Woody 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
415 Peters, Tim Ceramics Menomonee
130 Petkus, Aimee Jewelry Lincoln Park West
316 Pierson, Malen 3D Mixed Media North Park
455 Porter, H.C. 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
243 Pratt, Dakota 3D Mixed Media Wisconsin
217 Pribyl, Ed Sculpture Wisconsin
125 Proctor, Luke Metal Lincoln Park West
107 Prohaska, Nolan Glass Lincoln Park West
320 Rathonyi, Agnes 2D Mixed Media North Park
427 Reynolds, Mark & Carol 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
541 Risk, Melinda Jewelry Orleans
153 Roderick, Craig Photography Lincoln Park West
123 Rolland Troyer, Denise Ceramics Lincoln Park West
564 Rutledge, Jonathan Jewelry Orleans
523 Ryan, Carol Painting Orleans
425 Sault, Aaron Jewelry Menomonee
558 Schier, Sher 2D Mixed Media Orleans
525 Schillaci, Kristin Photography Orleans
437 Schmidt, Melissa Jewelry Menomonee
144 Schuman, Dara Ceramics Lincoln Park West
114 Schwegmann, Michael Ceramics Lincoln Park West
314 Seeman, Chris Metal North Park
552 Seymour, Julie Jewelry Orleans
116 Sharp, Jason Wood Lincoln Park West
519 Siegel, Ezra 2D Mixed Media Orleans
102 Sigwarth, Douglas & Renee Glass Lincoln Park West
539 Skov, Toby Photography Orleans
481 Sparenga, Sebastian Photography Menomonee
469 Spraul, Barbara Painting Menomonee
473 Stang, Sam Glass Menomonee
140 Stoddart, Jason Photography Lincoln Park West
542 Stratman, Steve Photography Orleans
512 Sudduth, Mark Glass Orleans
547 Suidan, Kaiser Ceramics Orleans
505 Templin, Scott Jewelry Orleans
510 Terauds, Marina Printmaking Orleans
149 Tesser, Sharon Fiber Lincoln Park West
545 Townsend, Lou Ann 2D Mixed Media Orleans
120 Traczyk, Gary Sculpture Lincoln Park West
313 Tremel, Kate Ceramics North Park
516 Tyers, Thomas Wood Orleans
419 Tyree, Tanya Sculpture Menomonee
447 Vance, Chris 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
146 Vanscoy, Taman Painting Lincoln Park West
514 Vanscoy, William Photography Orleans
310 Watson-Newlin, Karen Painting North Park
429 Welborn, Jon Wood Menomonee
509 Whitbeck, James Painting Orleans
563 White, Charles Sculpture Orleans
226 Williams, Rob Painting Wisconsin
506 Winter, Mark Sculpture Orleans
138 Wommack, R. Michael Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
138 Wommack, R. Michael Painting Lincoln Park West
409 Woods, Glenn Ceramics Menomonee
520 Young, Chuck Sculpture Orleans
142 Yu, Zu Sheng Painting Lincoln Park West
530 Zirinsky, Mark Metal Orleans