2024 Artist Index

Locate your favorite artists here! Search this list of our 2024 artists by name, booth number or media. You can access a Fair Map here, or on banners throughout the fair.

101 Proctor, Luke Metal Lincoln Park West
102 Chen, Dwo Wen Ceramics Lincoln Park West
103 Volk, Constance Painting Lincoln Park West
104 Gillen, Carrie Fiber Lincoln Park West
105 Thieszen, Angie Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
106 Laffal, Ken Photography Lincoln Park West
107 Bossenbroek, Melissa Helene Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
108 Hirt, Joshua 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
109 Goyatton, Yves Sculpture Lincoln Park West
110 Connolly, Karin Photography Lincoln Park West
111 Ledoux, Michele 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
112 O'Neill-Dusome, Kelly Painting Lincoln Park West
113 Tesser, Sharon Fiber Lincoln Park West
114 Schwegmann, Michael Ceramics Lincoln Park West
116 Toh, Heinrich Printmaking Lincoln Park West
118 Zhou, Jie Painting Lincoln Park West
119 Lanier, Alex Digital Art Lincoln Park West
120 Martray, Brianna Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
121 Hayden, Martha Printmaking Lincoln Park West
122 Schwab, Jack Painting Lincoln Park West
123 Hatala, Matthew Wood Lincoln Park West
124 Antelman, Alison Jewelry Lincoln Park West
125 Meyers, Chuck Painting Lincoln Park West
126 Groover, Debo 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
127 Kristine, Lisa Photography Lincoln Park West
128 Reif, Ken Painting Lincoln Park West
129 Plummer, Chris Printmaking Lincoln Park West
130 Petkus, Aimee Jewelry Lincoln Park West
131 Widmer, Don Fiber Lincoln Park West
132 Germain, Dante Glass Lincoln Park West
133 Brown, Jim Printmaking Lincoln Park West
134 Lansburg, Amy 3D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
135 Eaton, Kathleen Painting Lincoln Park West
136 Wommack, R. Michael Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
136 Wommack, R. Michael Painting Lincoln Park West
137 Reed, Dana Jewelry Lincoln Park West
138 Townsend, Lou Ann Painting Lincoln Park West
139 Maher, Kathryn Painting Lincoln Park West
140 Filapek, Mary Drawing/Pastel Lincoln Park West
141 Cole, James Photography Lincoln Park West
142 Mihaylova, Olga Jewelry Lincoln Park West
143 Adkins, Glenna 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
143 Adkins, Glenna Painting Lincoln Park West
144 Harris, Geoffrey Digital Art Lincoln Park West
145 Uren, Steve Wood Lincoln Park West
146 Handel, Kana 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
147 Key, Justin Photography Lincoln Park West
148 VanScoy, Taman Painting Lincoln Park West
149 Bird, Chelsea Jewelry Lincoln Park West
150 Gotlib, Helen Printmaking Lincoln Park West
151 North, Natalie 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
152 Barnes, Nicholas Wood Lincoln Park West
153 McGrath, Vicki Painting Lincoln Park West
154 Patterson , Woody 2D Mixed Media Lincoln Park West
155 Mikula, Michael Glass Lincoln Park West
157 Harmston, Stephen & Bonnie Printmaking Lincoln Park West
158 Mangels, David Photography Lincoln Park West
201 Husain, Abbas Printmaking Wisconsin
205 Eitharong, Ummarid 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
205 Eitharong, Ummarid Painting Wisconsin
207 Smith, Scott Wood Wisconsin
208 Bradley, Joseph Painting Wisconsin
209 Zirinsky, Mark Metal Wisconsin
211 Taylor, Meri Jewelry Wisconsin
213 LeeAnn, Rachel Painting Wisconsin
214 Gutzwiller, Laura Fiber Wisconsin
215 Krueger, Andrew Ceramics Wisconsin
216 Nuez, Xavier Photography Wisconsin
217 Mazer, Taylor Drawing/Pastel Wisconsin
218 Cherepak, Michael Printmaking Wisconsin
219 Jiwa, Shamila Jewelry Wisconsin
220 Richards, Ella 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
221 Marshall, Amber Glass Wisconsin
222 Andrew-jaja, Jeribai Drawing/Pastel Wisconsin
223 G. Dehart, Amelia 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
224 Bathelot, Alain Drawing/Pastel Wisconsin
225 Hasmut, Ali Painting Wisconsin
226 Olszewski, Steven Sculpture Wisconsin
227 Hayes, Michael Glass Wisconsin
228 Koupal, Andy Glass Wisconsin
229 Henri, Clifton Photography Wisconsin
230 Harrold, Kate Digital Art Wisconsin
232 Bank, Carla Painting Wisconsin
235 Merrill, Josh Photography Wisconsin
237 Whitbeck, James Painting Wisconsin
238 Rieves, Deeann 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
239 Cianciolo, Ann Marie Jewelry Wisconsin
240 Swanson, Ken Printmaking Wisconsin
241 Spencer, Sarah Fiber Wisconsin
242 Fletcher, Andy Painting Wisconsin
243 Hampton, Melissa Jewelry Wisconsin
244 Musolff, Katie Painting Wisconsin
245 Amejko, Anna 2D Mixed Media Wisconsin
246 Dunn-Peterson, Lauri Digital Art Wisconsin
247 Keaten-Reed, Russ & Julie Painting Wisconsin
248 Dory, Rachel Painting Wisconsin
302 Palios, Christos Photography North Park
304 Smith, Larry Painting North Park
306 Dallas, Amy & Jeff Stone North Park
310 Brown, Mark 2D Mixed Media North Park
311 Tsank, Alla Painting North Park
312 Knight, Jonathan Photography North Park
313 Leben, John Digital Art North Park
314 Williams, Rob Painting North Park
315 Stevens, Jill Wood North Park
316 Pierson, Malen 3D Mixed Media North Park
317 Olmes, Cindy 2D Mixed Media North Park
318 Miller, Kirk Glass North Park
319 Barrett, Jacob Photography North Park
320 Hansen, Anthony Metal North Park
401 Jarjour, Bashar & Roula Ceramics Menomonee
403 Van Inwegen, Bruce Digital Art Menomonee
405 Olson, Scott Printmaking Menomonee
409 Chapman, Sarah Jewelry Menomonee
411 Woods, Glenn Ceramics Menomonee
413 Anderson, Isaac 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
415 Swanson, Beth Painting Menomonee
417 Satori, Kaya Photography Menomonee
419 Kroiz, Shana Jewelry Menomonee
421 Graci, Joseph Wood Menomonee
425 Wright, Jason 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
427 Pogatetz, Brad Photography Menomonee
429 Welborn, Jon Wood Menomonee
431 Baker, Margaret Painting Menomonee
433 Anderson, Joel Photography Menomonee
441 Ogden, David Photography Menomonee
443 Kramp, Brendan Painting Menomonee
445 Jingst, Shayna Jewelry Menomonee
447 Johansen, Jasper Photography Menomonee
449 Lepak, Bill Wood Menomonee
451 Nielsen, Derek Photography Menomonee
453 Shuttlesworth, Melissa Digital Art Menomonee
455 Peters, Tim Ceramics Menomonee
457 Klassen-Glanzer, Brenna Jewelry Menomonee
459 Clay, Eric Digital Art Menomonee
461 Winchester, Dora Jewelry Menomonee
463 Rutledge, Jonathan Jewelry Menomonee
465 Sparenga, Sebastian Photography Menomonee
467 Watson-Newlin, Karen Painting Menomonee
469 Brandl, Sally 2D Mixed Media Menomonee
471 Fleming, Kate Rothra Jewelry Menomonee
473 Reynolds, Mark & Carol 3D Mixed Media Menomonee
475 Lang, Elizabeth Painting Menomonee
477 Epps, David Photography Menomonee
479 Cimino, Lisa Jewelry Menomonee
481 Kwamena-Poh, William Painting Menomonee
483 Dennison, JD Digital Art Menomonee
485 Monahan, Matthew Printmaking Menomonee
487 Metlic, Beatrisa Sculpture Menomonee
489 Hanley, Lijah Photography Menomonee
501 Reinfeld, Bruce 2D Mixed Media Orleans
502 Schillaci, Kristin Photography Orleans
503 Gudis, Annie Painting Orleans
504 Grimmer, Alex 3D Mixed Media Orleans
505 Fisk, McKenzie Digital Art Orleans
506 Cornejo, Fernando Painting Orleans
507 Wang, Li Painting Orleans
508 Condon, Jeff Drawing/Pastel Orleans
509 Suidan, Kaiser Sculpture Orleans
510 Fernandes, Jose Photography Orleans
511 Olson, Darren Photography Orleans
512 Rucker, Matthew Painting Orleans
513 Grushovenko, Signe & Genna Painting Orleans
514 Sudduth, Mark Glass Orleans
515 Grushovenko, Gennadiy Painting Orleans
516 Tyers, Thomas Wood Orleans
517 Menias, Tony Photography Orleans
518 Herbon, John Ceramics Orleans
519 Siegel, Ezra 2D Mixed Media Orleans
520 Bojarski, Beth Painting Orleans
521 Clark, Beth Jewelry Orleans
522 Kim, Sooro Painting Orleans
523 Bryant, Michael Photography Orleans
524 Powell, Julie Fiber Orleans
525 Brown, Michael Digital Art Orleans
526 Miller, Yvonne 2D Mixed Media Orleans
527 Peters, Anita Jewelry Orleans
528 Angel, Dennis Drawing/Pastel Orleans
529 Lewanski, Mark Glass Orleans
530 Franklin, Wendy 2D Mixed Media Orleans
531 Ryan, Carol 2D Mixed Media Orleans
532 Feliot Jensen, Peggy Painting Orleans
533 Chang, Soo Painting Orleans
534 Green, Jonah Painting Orleans
535 Best, Betsy Printmaking Orleans
536 Matos Linares, Oscar Photography Orleans
537 Houchen, Jason 2D Mixed Media Orleans
538 James, Dewey Digital Art Orleans
539 Carson, Theresa Jewelry Orleans
540 Dahlquist, Chris Photography Orleans
541 Zolandz, Lisa Ceramics Orleans
542 Jones, Emma Painting Orleans
543 Glowacki, Jonathan Wood Orleans
544 Vuu, Nha Drawing/Pastel Orleans
545 Johnson, Coreen Painting Orleans
546 Wheeler, Chris 2D Mixed Media Orleans
547 Gard, Michael 2D Mixed Media Orleans
548 Koeferl, Luke Printmaking Orleans
550 Menaker, Igor Photography Orleans
552 Buziak, Michelle 2D Mixed Media Orleans
554 Vinardell, Danilo Painting Orleans
556 Arkell, Andrew Painting Orleans
558 Seymour, Julie Jewelry Orleans
559 Smith, Seth Painting Orleans
560 Teilhet, Justin 3D Mixed Media Orleans
561 Kirby, Sheko Jewelry Orleans
562 Schmid, Suzanne 3D Mixed Media Orleans
563 Inlow, YanFang 2D Mixed Media Orleans
564 Burge, Lisa Painting Orleans
565 Caldwell, Benjamin Metal Orleans
566 Gug, Chris Photography Orleans
567 Luyk, Emily Drawing/Pastel Orleans
568 Bolhuis, Kristine Jewelry Orleans
569 Doyle, Brian Photography Orleans
570 Hersch, Mark Photography Orleans
571 Christensen, Derek 2D Mixed Media Orleans
EA Stroud, Michelle Emerging Artist Menomonee
NFP Barber, Nkosi Not For Profit Menomonee