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2025 Old Town Art Fair – Chicago











Your donation helps us meet the early bills that come with the onset of the Fair and gets the Old Town Art Fair off to a positive start. This also allows us to maintain our art and cultural programs, as well as support children’s programs, schools, neighborhood improvements and other deserving local initiatives.

THANK YOU for helping to make the Old Town Art Fair America’s #1 Art Fair. We could not do it without you!

2024 Friends of the Fair: 


Larry D Blust Karen Kimmell
Ruth Brown Linda R Konitz
Judith Lauth Casey Kurt Kramer
Church of the Three Crosses Miriam Tarrillo Leary
Carolyn-Armenta Davis The Miller Family
Barbara Belletini Fields Mike Rossmeier
Ron & Cathy Fox Linda Wedenoja
Tom Leibig & Diane Gonzalez



Anonymous Paul Kuhn
Don & Carol Allerton Mayoras Family
Kathe Bowen The Morse Family
Sam Bonnan Linda and Brad Neuman
Brenda Campbell Sharon O’Brien
Ray and Kathy Clark Nancy Perry
Rosemary Corriere Alyssa and Burke Raine
Maura Daley Gwenn & Rick Rausch
Art Davis John and Linda Rebrovic
Dorothy DeCarlo Barbara & Barre Seid
Early Family Allen Shoenberger
Darcy L. Evon Fred  Tannenbaum
& Marilyn Spracker
Reven Fellars Ellen Starmann
Joan Goldstein Corinne Svoboda
Barbara Guttmann Merle & Tom Tresser
Peggy Hamil Fran Tuite & Simon Meredith
Ann Holmberg Carla Verner & Sebastien Sacre
Sandra Holubow David Varnerin
Brad Daughtry & Bryan Howard Caroline & Paul Vickrey
David Jackson Michael & Abby Warnick
Patti Kane Tom & Ruth Ann Watkins
Sarah Kaull and Tom Shirley Jesse & Bart Masin-Welch
Pat Kilduff The Zabel Family




Amos & Anat Madanes Joan and Tony Janowski
Anonymous Karl, Teresa, and Ian Hjerpe
Arthur & Nicole Herbst  Kitty & Lee Freidheim
Claire Leaman Midwest Buddhist Temple
Dan Cannon Family Norman Baugher
Darren, Jill, and Grant Kohlberg Paul J. Leaman
Diane & Jon W Balke The Eley Family
H.P. Wells The Falciglia/Nash Family
In Memory of Roger H. Olson Tracy Sefl & Darius Tandon
Jessica and Greg Coleman Vi Daley
Jim & Sue Pajakowski



Michael Garzel + Etienne Montañez



Shauna & Dave Andrews
Sharon Karsten & Frank Malone


Did you know that many companies match employee donations to charitable organizations? We encourage you to inquire about your company’s policy. Please click here if you would like to print out a donation form. You can mail or drop off a completed form with your donation to:

Old Town Triangle Association
1763 N. North Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.