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2023 Old Town Art Fair – Chicago


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Thank you to all of our neighbors for moving your cars, sprucing up your yards, dealing with crowds, being kind and generous to artists, and graciously hosting one terrific Art Fair!


Artists begin setting up their booths on Friday evening between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please contact the Triangle office ASAP if you live within the Fair boundaries and will need to access your alley/garage Friday after 4:00 pm.

Streets will be closed, as usual, from 9:00 am Friday, June 10, 2022 through 3:00 pm Monday, June 13, 2022. We will open streets sooner if possible, once street cleaning is finished.

The following streets will be closed during this time. Signs will be posted as NO PARKING – TOW ZONE. Towing will begin Friday morning.

Lincoln: West side of street from 1900 to 1920
Lincoln Park West: Wisconsin to Menomonee
Menomonee: Sedgwick to Crilly Court
North Park: Menomonee to Eugenie
Orleans: Wisconsin to Eugenie
Sedgwick: East side of street from 1849 to 1853
Willow: Sedgwick to Crilly Court
Wisconsin: Lincoln to Sedgwick


Share your beautiful garden and let others see what makes your home and our neighborhood so special. We ask that you write a short description of your garden, plants, flowers, history of your home and/or brief anecdote of past or present residents. We will provide signage in advance of the Fair.

If you’d like to participate in the Garden Walk, click here to contact us. Deadline to sign up is April 15, 2022.


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Click here to download a digital version of the Old Town Art Fair postcard.  You can include the JPEG in an email to use as a party invite, Art Fair reminder or save-the-date announcement.

Announcement from the Art Fair Chair for 2022

May 2022

We’re back and we’re better than ever! Last year was amazing. From the Mayor attending our Ribbon Cutting to tens of thousands of guests sharing in the re-opening of the City, you came through and supported the Fair, in so many ways! Now we’re returning to a more normal existence and hoping to see you and all of our artists and guests have the best weekend ever!

This year we are beginning from a more familiar point. Our Art Fair Committee Chairs all had time to put together their plans, without any contingencies! And thanks to you we are able to provide grants to local nonprofits that benefit our community – directly and indirectly.

The Old Town Art Fair succeeds in raising a large amount of money each year is in no small measure due to the top-quality artists who exhibit here. They are the ones that attract visitors from across the city, all over the Midwest and beyond – patrons who often pay airfare, hotel fees and still come to the Fair and purchase art! Lots of art. We hope you have friends visiting from near and far this weekend. We are so thrilled to welcome these artists back to our streets this year. I know that our community welcomes the artists and the visitors and shares the enthusiasm of being immersed in works of great creativity, passion, and ingenuity.

Thank you to all of the neighbors who live with this disruption, one weekend every year. We expanded the footprint, following the success of 2021. New streets were impacted and we appreciate that so many additional residents now feel more a part of the festivities. The entire Art Fair Committee makes every effort to meet your needs with as much grace as possible.

Come out, celebrate, and say hello to your neighbors, the artists and visitors from all over.

Anne Giffles

2022 Art Fair Chair