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2021 Old Town Art Fair – Chicago


Thank you to all of our neighbors for moving your cars, sprucing up your yards, dealing with crowds, being kind and generous to artists, and graciously hosting one terrific Art Fair!


Please note: Artists will have the option setting up their booths on Friday evening between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please contact the Triangle office ASAP if you live within the Fair boundaries and will need to access your alley/garage Friday after 4:00 pm.

Streets will be closed, as usual, from 9:00 am Friday, June 11, 2021 through 3:00 pm Monday, June 14, 2021. We will open streets sooner if possible, once street cleaning is finished.

The following streets will be closed during this time. Signs will be posted as NO PARKING – TOW ZONE. Towing will begin Friday morning.

Lincoln: West side of street from 1900 to 1920
Lincoln Park West: Lincoln to Menomonee
Menomonee: Sedgwick to Crilly Court
North Park: Menomonee to St. Paul
Orleans: Wisconsin to Menomonee
Sedgwick: East side of street from 1849 to 1853
Willow: North Park to Crilly Court
Wisconsin: Lincoln to Sedgwick


Share your beautiful garden and let others see what makes your home and our neighborhood so special. We ask that you write a short description of your garden, plants, flowers, history of your home and/or brief anecdote of past or present residents. We will provide signage in advance of the Fair.

If you’d like to participate in the Garden Walk, click here to contact us. Deadline to sign up is April 15, 2021.


Click here to volunteer.


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Click here to download a digital version of the Old Town Art Fair postcard.  You can include the JPEG in an email to use as a party invite, Art Fair reminder or save-the-date announcement.

Announcements from the Art Fair Chairs for 2020:

May 2020

You are probably as tired of the “new normal” as Shelly I are, especially when envisioning that in some form or another, ‘social distancing’ is here to stay for a while. Keeping separated from friends and family in winter is one thing, but in summer in Chicago, it’s sure to be exceptionally difficult.

Here in Old Town, usually by late May, volunteers would be feverishly preparing for ‘Art Fair’ season, but this year we are mourning the loss of the great fun without one. Neighbors and other tried-and-true volunteers will not have the pleasure of catching up with old friends or making new ones while raising meaningful money for worthy causes. They and thousands of visitors will not get to enjoy strolling the Triangle’s tree-lined streets with beautifully tended gardens while perusing top-tier art, listening to talented musicians, and sampling delicious food and beverages. Responsibly battling COVID-19 means we cannot gather for what has become a much-anticipated and enjoyable rite of late spring, but as sad as this is for volunteers and patrons, just imagine the profound impact not having a Fair has on the artists.

The reason that the Old Town Art Fair has succeeded in raising a large amount of money each year is in no small measure due to the top-quality artists who exhibit here. They are the ones that attract visitors from across the city, all over the Midwest and beyond – patrons who often pay the not-insignificant gate donations. These gate fees are the backbone that supports the Triangle Association’s good works throughout the year. They are what keeps the lights on in the building, and they pay for staff, maintenance crews, the Brick’s Program,
AND they fund critically important grants for local nonprofits. Without the gate proceeds, the Triangle could not afford to give grants to local schools, arts, and cultural programs, youth and senior groups, neighborhood improvements, other community nonprofits, and of course, the beloved Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls.

We will be sorely missing out on having our community once again immersed in works of great creativity, passion, and ingenuity, but no doubt, the lack of the Fair hits artists the most profoundly. Year in and year out in order to exhibit at the OTAF, these wonderful artisans submit applications to be then vetted by a rigorous jury of accomplished artists, esteemed gallery owners, museum professions, and the like. With hundreds of applicants, the competition is fierce, only the best are accepted, and they are the reason the Old Town Art Fair has been heralded as the Best in the country for the past five years.

Without the OTAF and likely every other show typically on their calendars, the livelihoods of these artists are threatened, and so we are turning to you for help. For those of you who can, please consider going OldTownArtFair.org/participating-artists-gallery/ to  and buying art online. This site is where you’ll find the Old Town Art Fair’s first (and hopefully last) #VirtualArtFair! There is a listing of the 2020 artists along with links to their websites, as well as a larger #VirtualGallery to display their work.

Many OTAF neighbors, attendees, and volunteers who read this may not be able to make purchases at this time, so for those who want to help in other ways, please follow the artists on their social media and us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram, and most importantly share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues. We appreciate you joining us in supporting these incredible artists!

#VirtualOTAF #OldTownArtFair #SupportArtists #ArtMatters

Sasha Mayoras & Shelly Murphy

2020 Art Fair Chair & Vice Chair