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2025 Old Town Art Fair – Chicago


Three women sitting at a booth

A BIG Thank You and Congratulations to our hardworking team — it takes an army of dedicated friends and neighbors to make this America’s #1 Art Fair.* The Old Town Art Fair is a 100% volunteer-run event. It’s one of the few public Chicago events that is completely planned, staffed and managed by volunteers, so we can always use your help!

You’ll find it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends. All Art Fair volunteers are invited to a Thank You Party the Friday after the Fair. It’s always a great time!

There’s plenty to do before, during and after the Fair. Here are some ways you can help:

> Artist’s Breakfast
> Booth Sitting
> Children’s Corner
> First Sight Party
> Gate Volunteers
> Gate Captains
> Information Booth
> Merchandise Sales
> Photography
> Promotions
> Thank You Party
> Traffic
. . . and More!


Click here to Contact Us to volunteer or learn more!

The Old Town Triangle Association (OTTA), our parent organization, has many volunteer opportunities too. Click here to learn more.